We've been waiting long enough.

You should realize by now that you can't beat me.


Harold walked over to Ravindranath's desk.

It is rude to stare at someone.

Do you want to have some tea?


Let's try not to lose each other in this fog.

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I'll see them tomorrow night.

The weather couldn't have been better.

Why didn't you stay with Jos?

It went on for days.

Why would I be friends with Pandora?


Space began to snore.

Why don't you study French?

I wasn't even there.


The children are playing marbles.

At every goodbye my heart trembles with fear that you will never come back.

They demanded that President resign.

I assume you haven't heard from Anthony.

You've been so understanding.

You always make that mistake.

She bought six yards of cloth for a dress.

These days more young husbands help their wives with housework.

Susumu and I are very busy.

It's going to clear up.

Case pushed the food around his plate.

She doesn't want to express an opinion about him.

Stephan is working with us.


Shamim is afraid of snakes.


We make quite a couple.

Come out here.

In a characteristically awkward move, Regis patted his guest on the arm.


This tree bears ugly fruits.

Cristopher fell asleep in class.

I hope you will try.


I was happy then.


We need to find another way to make ends meet.

I mostly do not want to think about anything anymore.

I'm going to have to ask you a few questions.

Ah, we have run short of sugar.

No matter how carefully you choose your words, they'll always end up being twisted by others.

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What brings you back here?


I told Indra why we had to help Joanne.


Charlene said he'd rather not speak French.


What does the word "get" mean in this sentence?

I'm not going to stop them.

Trust me on this one, Douglas.

Please set me down at the next corner.

Watch out for purse-snatchers.

There's a warm wind blowing from the south.

Success in life is not necessarily the same thing as the acquirement of riches.

One more step, and I would have fallen off the cliff.

It's embarrassing to be late for a date.

I greatly appreciate your advice.

We cannot dispense with the rainforests.

Do you have some dango?

Mt. Asama is now dormant.

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Though I have done nothing against them, they think ill of me.

I think that would be awesome.

Hartmann married young.

He went to Africa in 1960 never to return.

Root aimed his gun at Max.

The bargain sale will run for three days, beginning today.

Discussing the matter further will get you nowhere.

Jamie finished the job in three days.

He answered as follows.

The king hopes and believes that the love that his people show to him will last forever

You aren't the only one who's in love with Rex.

Nobody answered the telephone.

Those are true statements.

Parents need to collect guns for what?

How can you say that our soldiers died in vain?

I assume you know what this is about.

Kazuhiro is probably asleep.

One vice leads to another.

This is obviously just a big misunderstanding.


Not all doctors make a lot of money.

Where did you buy this nail polish?

There is no denying that he is clever.

Would you like to play tennis every Sunday?

There's no reason to fix something that isn't broken.

The arrow fell wide of the mark.

Fight the illness.


It didn't have to be that way.


Neil was a doctor in Australia.


You might be surprised.


You need to smell the roses.


I want to be at home.


How many drinks have you had?

My father is very much involved in the stock market now.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange rallied at the end of the day.

They were standing still with their eyes wide open.

He has mastery of his temper.

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Janice declared himself Jack the Ripper's son.

Francis is unusual.

Ritchey's French was surprisingly good.

I didn't read the message.

Let me make myself crystal clear.

She shaved her armpits.

He bought new cycling shorts.


I want to be reborn as a Canadian if I had the chance.

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Is there an easier way to do this?

Win doesn't like men who think like Saiid.

What's your favorite place to go when you want to think?

It is very important to keep the law.

I live in a house that was built in 2013.

I told Olivier that I thought his house needed to be painted.

I should've gone after them.


Her bathing suit attracts our attention.

He has recovered completely and is now able to work again.

I would not yield the chair.

The new fact has come to light.

Antony may have some good ideas.

Ima is the lead engineer.

Let's play dodge ball.

How's that going?

Susan is indifferent to politics.

My aunty is feeling sick.

I have never read "War and Peace" either.

Sally enjoyed himself at the party.

My dad's friend was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's disease.

Ram is never going to let you go to Boston with Gabriel.

I promise to read the report carefully.


Michelle said something mean about me.

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Two days ago the wind blew.

We played extremely well.

Jeffie's French is quite good already.

Murat is a very talented artist.

The French like to eat frog legs.


I told you I have plans.

Douglas is wearing sunglasses and no shirt.

I bought this three years ago.

Can I have a bit more milk?

He was provoked into hitting her.

We bought the cheapest tea.

You're the dreamer.


Dan pretended he left something behind.

Helge has a store in Boston.

Roll up those magazines.


I'm perfectly capable of carrying it myself.

Are you acquainted with Visual Basic?

I went to middle school in Japan.


Put the meat in the frying pan after the oil has spread.

The World Cup is going to start on the 11th.

I promise you I'll help you.

We have a pool.

Paris is one of the cities I visited last year.


Something strange is happening here.

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Charley is the only guy I've ever really loved.

Revised won't eat anything I cook for him.

I would've come even if you hadn't invited me.

I looked at Jock's face.

Jun asked Patty what she was looking for.

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I play trumpet in the school band.


Could you please summarize the pertinent points?

Let Penny have his fun.

I rented a house with a garage.

You filthy beast, get out of here!

How exactly do they hollow out and then dry the gourd?

This is the very book that I have long wanted to read.

Farouk went looking for Pat.

Gerald doesn't need us.

Beckie decided to become a teacher.

She declined the invitation.

What makes you think the Middle East is more important than Aotearoa?